• Christmas

    Drumroll, please! The Christmas gifts of 2010

    A gift for Grandma, this cutie is a pattern by Sarah J. Good. I made him out of leftovers from Dad's scarf, so he's got some alpaca fuzz. The pattern was pretty easy, though I was confused at first whether I'd started from the top or bottom of the owl! I was really pleased with the result.

    These stockings by Little Cotton Rabbits were straightforward and knit up fast. They were also a great way to use some of my extra yarn. I made one using each of the designs given - they're all so fun. In the future, I'd like to come up with some of my own.

    This is my own "pattern" - I used the computer to graph out this German placemat for Grandpa. Ausgezeichnet is his favorite word, and while the colors aren't terrible attractive, they're German!

    For the annual ornament exchange, I made this Lion Brand Yarn round ornament. While I liked the pattern and example pictured, I was surprised that the ornament was so large. If I do another one of these, I'll make it smaller. Lion Brand has awesome knitting and crochet resources, online as well as in books. Check out: Crochet EssentialsSumptuous NaturalsFelting FeverGreat Warm-upsCampus KnitsCozy Cover-upsPrecious PetsVannas Choice for You & Your Home, and Crochet Blankets for Baby

    This cross bookmark is my own improvised pattern with scrap yarn. The cross arms were a little hard to line up, but it worked out just fine.

    Pattern by Lane DrogatoThe bodies were fairly simple to knit up, as were the scarves. The hats were a little more challenging to size. I made the size recommended and had to “force” the hats onto their heads, stitching them into place. I also couldn’t get the snow lady’s bow to stay horizontal. :)

    J's sock monkey cup cozy. Pattern by Alejandro Quiroz. I made mine a little shorter for a "cute" look and used two buttons that were lying around for the eyes. This was a quick and fun pattern, and my monkey lover was definitely pleased! :) 

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