Katie's Pottery Bowl

My sister took a pottery class at college and came home with a variety of mugs, bowls, and other works. She gave me this great bowl, and I wanted to share it! Makes me want to do pottery. :)

There are a number of great online resources that discuss how to make pottery:

FamilyCircle's How to Made Handmade Pottery
wikiHow's How to Make Pottery
Maggie Weldon makes beautiful lace pottery. There is a Strictly Simple Style blog post about her and an article about her work in Victoria magazine
How to Fix Broken Pottery by Lakeside Pottery

Also check out these books:
Potters Bible by Marilyn Scott
The Polymer Clay Techniques Book by Sue Heaser
Ceramics for Beginners by Emily Reason
The Potters Book of Glaze Recipes by Emmanuel Cooper
Ceramics for Beginners by Susan Halls
My Idea Book, Pottery Making Illustrated Journal
Ceramics by Mita Lundin and Elisabeth Landberger

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