Milwaukee Festival

My family and I went to the Milwaukee Lakefront Festival of the Arts last weekend at the Milwaukee Art Museum. We were delighted with many works we saw there. It is exciting and inspiring to see what artists make. I can't believe the level of artist talent housed under the big tent.

A plug for a favorite: Sarmite Wearable Art. Two sisters design and sew their wearable creations to be sold. At first glance, the clothing looked a bit strange to me. The first piece that I saw was this coat, which was displayed at the center of the booth. Some of the colors stood out, there were dramatic features to the clothing, or the pattern in general was different. When we went to investigate more closely, several of us fell in love. The creativity was phenomenal, and I loved their use of color. I fell in love with a jacket and skirt that was also hanging on display. The colors and stylizing was so clever that I kept coming back to it. Unfortunately, it is not displayed on their website, but take my word for it - it was very cool!

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