• Crafter's "Truth or Dare"

    The Fuzzy Square is in an ongoing game of crafter's "Truth or Dare" with our friend The Savi Squirrel Nest. Here's how it works:
    When a crafter requests a Truth, the other player asks them a question that the crafter must then answer in a blog post. 
    When a crafter requests a Dare, the other player gives them a prompt for a project that the crafter will then create.
    Easy as that!

    To follow where we are in the game, check The Fuzzy Square's sidebar under the Popular Posts section. I'll show what my current Truth or Dare is ("Truth" or "Dare" will be pink based on which I chose!) and link to other recent game posts.

    Join me on a prompt that sparks your creativity!

    If you're still not sure about this, here are some benefits of crafter's "Truth or Dare":
    • Think outside the box about what you make.
    • Challenge your usual comfort zone.
    • Create something original.
    • Stay connected with other crafters.
    • Peer motivation to keep crafting!
    • Peer motivation to keep blogging!
    Savi and I started at the same time and now trade prompts whenever someone finishes one so that we can take things at our own paces. But this could definitely work with alternating turns like traditional Truth or Dare. We also haven't set any strict parameters about deadlines, and the game keeps going without issue.

    Give it a try and share how it goes!
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