The Fuzzy Square is an inspiration space for creatives and change-makers...

It is a celebration of curiosityprocess, and play.

It is rooted in love and interconnectivity — from stitch to stitch, person to person, community to community.

And I'm Sarah! My pronouns are she/her. The Fuzzy Square is where I share everything from craft projects, to patterns and guides, to sources of inspiration and reflection. It also helps me to cultivate healing and hope.

Outside of The Fuzzy Square, I am a community organizer for racial equity and beloved community with my family at One Love Global, where we center youth as leaders of transformative change.

Where The Fuzzy Square came from...

I learned to knit when I was in sixth grade with the help of my mom and my first knitting book. My first knitting project ever was a little garter stitch sleeping bag for my Beanie Babies. I even joined a small knitting club at my middle school. I stopped knitting for about five years until I found a scarf pattern I felt I needed to make (shown in the first image in this post), and then my knitting took off from there. I soaked in new stitches, techniques, and challenges, like the Lion Brand Nature in Natural Afghan.

I started The Fuzzy Square blog in December 2010 to share project pictures with family and friends. Over the next few years, I opened an Etsy store, and participated in craft fairs. Now I mainly knit for fun, and I love sharing the warmth of what I create with other people.

Sarah Gettel