Sally Melville's Mother-Daughter Knit Jumper

After many, many hours, getting halfway through, discovering I was doing the pattern wrong, unraveling in misery, giving up, and restarting again, I finished my jumper in a little less than two weeks (the second time around, anyway) in time for Christmas! Well, I did the edging on Christmas morning. :)

Thank you Sally Melville, author of Mother-Daughter Knits: 30 Designs to Flatter and Fit, for the awesome pattern. Though it was hard to follow at places and the chart was teeny tiny, the jumper turned out great.

I loved the green color Sally used in her book, so I matched that. For my first try, I did use the needle size she suggested but then the second time, I used much smaller needles. Snugger fit and shorter skirt, but still pretty darn cool.

I copied the picture and wore a gray v-neck shirt underneath but mine is too short to go with bare skin, so I added the leggings. Fun to end the year making something for ME! :]

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