Gift Idea: Felted Bags

I made a few more of the felted bags, testing out designs to try on them. I plan to (one of these days) draw out image ideas and share them with you all. Maybe if I'm really ambitious, I'll make a whole embroidery page with design ideas. I'll have to practice my stitching first, though - eek.

I enjoy the mini one with the little trees... pine trees with apples - that makes sense! - but I think the purple bag with the flower design remains my favorite. For some reason, that shape worked out perfectly. You can see that there is an uneven look to these two, especially the spiraled one. I think this could be fixed in the future by making the piece a little longer before cast off and re-blocking any oddities. But they're still fun and relatively quick! I'm experimenting with sizes, as well, changing needles and the number of stitches I cast on.

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