Gift Idea: Handknit Cable Pillows

This is the first project of my 2011 Christmas crafts. Enjoy!

These are great aran pillows by Patons with Patons wool. The front sections follow the pattern - I finished them at school - and I used fabric for the back half. The pattern was a lot of fun and I love the way the cables turned out. The light color makes it easy to see the design.

I decided to make a fabric back to add some color and to save myself from hours of basket-weave (teehee). The closest fabric store near me recently closed, so I have to make a fair commute if I want to buy material. To avoid the trip, I bought two pairs of green cloth napkins at Kohl’s and chose the shade of green I preferred against the couch color.

I placed a pillow form at the center of each napkin and roughly cut around the outline, allowing for an inch or half inch border for the seam. I then placed the right sides of the fabric and knit piece together (napkins were reversable) and pinned them together. I didn’t block the knit pieces before doing this, and it worked out just fine, so long as I stretched the piece to match the fabric size.

The pinned results were not flat, so I pulled them flat as I sewed. I sewed along three sides and around both corners of the fourth side, leaving a large space to insert the pillow form. Then I turned the pillow right-side out, inserted the pillow form, pushed it around to look straight, and hand sewed the bottom opening. Voila!

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