Crochet Tshirt Yarn Bag

Did you know that knitters and crocheters can use materials other than yarn for their projects? Two popular materials that fiber crafters upcycle and plastic bags and t-shirts. Gooseflesh has a great tutorial on how to make "plarn" from plastic bags.
I had a lot of t-shirts that were worn down or didn't fit quite right. I used Craft Passion's tutorial to make several balls of t-shirt "yarn," perfect for big-hook crochet! The t-shirt yarn sat around for awhile, and I finally decided to do a fairly brainless project to use it up. This bag is completely improvised, and hey, it turned out pretty well! Twelve shirts contributed to the bag, which is about 11.5 x 11.5". It is very sturdy and flexible! I am using it to hold yarns that are on deck for upcoming projects.

Bags aren't the only good projects for t-shirt yarn! There are also wonderful rag rug tutorials for people with a lot of t-shirts or scraps of fabric. Crafters also make hats and bracelets. Crafters who make plarn often use it to make handbags as well as sandals, coasters, and containers. Try it!!!

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