Spring Knitting

Finishing off school and beginning the summer, the projects I have been working on are either small or long term. There haven't been many in-between things to work on. I've been cranking out copies of two of my patterns. I'm not used to making so many of the same items, at least in a row, so that has been interesting to try. It can get boring if I don't have something to watch or listen to, but it was perfect when I needed a mindless activity during exams.

I'm still using cotton. I might try something else for the cable and seed bags. One of the knitters who tried that pattern out knit her bags to look like birds. It's fun to see what other people come up with. I hope people continue to be adventurous when they try these out.

The seed and cable bags have been more popular on Ravelry, but I definitely have a soft spot for the sunflower bags. I'm enjoying using a slightly larger variety of colors. The multi-colored petals on two of the bags pictured are actually from the same yarn. I separated the color changes so that they would seem like individual colors, yet they have traces of the other colors and look extra nifty.

Anyway, it's been very fun to make these patterns - I'm pleased! Hopefully I'll have time to concoct some new patterns for fall and/or winter this year. I have at least four large projects I want to work on that will take a lot of time as well as a commission to get through, but if and idea comes knocking, I don't think I'll be able to resist it!

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