No-Pattern Shorts

Using Maycie After Five's DIY: How to Make Shorts tutorial, I've been making some shorts. This is my third pair, made from linen. I worried that the material would be itchy, but I haven't had any problems.

My first two pairs had elastic waists, but I did a drawstring for this one with an old shoelace. It was a good thing - I learned how to make button holes with Mom's guidance. I have been adjusting my pattern each time, and they're definitely getting better. I want to make a looser version at some point (although the shorts I used as my pattern were roomy, these are form-fit). I also want to make the waist line a bit higher. It is steadily going up with each pair I make and could still use some more height. At any rate, it's a great tutorial and a fun one to play around with.

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