• Versatile Rib Scarf Pattern

    A new easy scarf pattern, great for as an everyday scarf or gift for men and women.

    Difficulty: Easy
    This pattern is on  

    US 6 needles
    1 skein Kartopu Basak yarn (100g/300 grams, 70% Acrylic & 30% Wool)

    Size: Approx. 65" x 7" (or desired length/width)

    CO: cast on
    BO: bind off
    RS: right side of pattern
    WS: wrong side of pattern
    k: knit
    p: purl
    sts: stitches
    *...*: repeat this section

    CO 37 stitches.

    Work 5 rows of garter stitch.

    Row 1 (RS): k1, p1, k across to last 2 sts, p1, k1.
    Row 2: k2, p3, *k3, p3,* end k2

    Repeat these two rows until scarf is desired length. End on WS row.

    Work 5 rows of garter stitch. CO all stitches. 

    **Although this is an easy pattern, the small needle size and finer yarn will take longer. If you would prefer to make a faster scarf, adjust your needle size and cast on 6 or 12 fewer stitches.

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