Creative and Fun Drawing Game for All Ages

A fun (and often hilarious) drawing game for all ages that can be played anywhere.

Paper (size of choice)
Writing utensils
Coloring materials (optional)

1. Fold your paper of choice in half and unfold it to open again. We folded it straight down, hamburger style, but other folds are certainly welcome.

2. Along the center fold line, draw two lines, as shown in the illustration. The lines can be placed anywhere and can be of any width.

3. Fold paper again along the already creased fold. One person will draw the bottom half of the picture and one will draw the top half. Determine who will draw which half.

4. The first person (doesn't matter whether it is top or bottom) will draw his or her half, using the lines as a guide for the connection between top and bottom. Don't let the other artist see the drawing - it will be a surprise!

5. When the first person is done with his or her drawing, turn the paper over to the other half of the fold and pass to the next person. This person will draw the opposite half of the drawing.

Note: If you are looking to make a top and bottom picture, make sure to clarify who is drawing which half. Otherwise, a fun twist could be to draw either top or bottom and seeing if the other person does the same or opposite half.

6. When both drawings are complete, unfold the paper and enjoy the creative and often silly results of two different imaginations.

There are many, many potential variations to this game - explore them! Use a word prompt before drawing (ie. silly, strange, animal, holiday, etc); experiment with colors; draw more than two lines; or fold the paper into four parts and play with four people, each drawing a top and bottom.

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