Winter on the Way Cowl

Today we went apple picking. It was fantastic - the sun was finally out for the first time in days, everyone was in good spirits, and... well, we were surrounded by a beautiful orchard and charmed by the adorable mini pumpkins! But what do you know, my hands were on the cold side and much happier in my pockets. Must be time to knit some warmth.

This cowl is a project from last winter but still a little introduction to the lowering temperatures for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. It is plain and simple seed stitch with amazingly soft lambswool. It knit up slow with the alternate knit and purl, but I'm a little in love with it anyhow. 

This month, I am working away on some friends' birthday presents - so many birthdays at this time of year! Also in the queue are artisan fair creations as well as (of course) Christmas presents. The projects are keeping me busy, in a good way thanks to how different they all are.

Also, did you notice a change in the picture?

Meet Marie, The Fuzzy Square's new model. She's named after Marie Antoinette - perhaps you can guess why.. I'm hoping she'll be showing off many of the new knits at fairs and occasionally for photos. If crafts are in search of an affordable, quality mannequin, I wholly recommend Mannequin Hub through Amazon.

Looking forward for a knit-filled season! Stay tuned for web and Etsy updates!

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