Best of Radiohead Mittens Knitting Pattern

Merry Christmas! Here's a holiday gift for all of you Radiohead fans and loved ones of Radiohead fans. :)

When the holidays come around, I'm always on the lookout for patterns that J might like - guys can be hard to knit for! I usually end up buying more than making. However, this year I struck off the usual path and decided I'd try making another pair of fair isle mittens. J is a Radiohead diehard, so I chose the iconic image from Radiohead's Best Of album of the two characters created by one of J's favorite artists, Stanley Donwood.

The resulting mittens are large to allow for fleece lining for already bigger hands. They are also long to reach up coat sleeves for additional warmth. Adjust the needle size for smaller mittens and adjust cuff length as prefered.

Please note: The right mitten has the original image from the Best Of album and the left mitten is a reversal of the image.

Finished Measurements:
11.75" tall, 4.75" wide
Thumb: 6" from bottom of gusset to tip of thumb, 2" wide (4" circum.)

5sts across = 1in. stockinette

100g of aran weight main color wool (gray in photos)
100g of aran weight second color wool (black in photos)
             -- I did not use all of the yarn in either color
US 3 and US 6 double pointed needles
Stitch holder
Stitch marker for beginning of round
Embroidery needle for finishing
Fleece and sewing materials for lining

Best of Radiohead Mittens Pattern:
With smaller needles, CO 48 sts. Mark beginning of round and make sure round is not twisted.

Work 2", *k1, p1 rib around
Change to second color yarn, work 3 rounds of rib
Revert back to main color, work rib until the cuff measures 3".

Next round: Switch to larger needles, Knit.

Begin the chart (below). Continue working the chart as directed, increasing stitches for the thumb gusset as the white spaces become boxes.

At the red boxes, move the highlighted red box stitches to stitch holder and CO 11 stitches over the space. Continue working chart to end, decreasing at tips of mittens as chart shows. (ssk stitches on right, k2tog stitches on left) At three stitches left to decrease, slip 1, k2tog, psso. Cut yarn and pull tail through remaining stitches, pull tight, and sew closed.

For thumbs, move stitches on the stitch holder to one of the larger needles. Pick up 13 stitches along the rest of the thumb hole with two of the other larger needles. Begin working thumb chart with the same decreases and finishing.

Make second mitten in the same way.

If desired, make a fleece lining for the inside of the mitten for extra warmth.


Happy holidays to you and yours!

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