Knit House Dishcloths in Printable House Gift Boxes

It's been a busy few weeks! I graduated from college last weekend, and of course one of the major challenges of the surrounding days was saying a lot of thank yous and a lot of goodbyes (for now!). A group of people who were important to thank were staff members at a nonprofit organization that I worked with. The organization provides affordable housing to low-income families and individuals in the area. I became involved with the organization about three years ago as a weekly volunteer, and after a year, I was invited to work as a grant writer. I really owe my grown passion for mission-driven nonprofit work to my experiences at the organization.

Amanda Ochocki (Chalk Legs)'s Nineteen Hundred House Dishcloth stood out as a fitting gift for the housing organization staff members who were teachers and supporters for me over the years. This is a great simple, quick pattern. I used basic Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn.

In addition to making the washcloths, I came across a fantastic printout for a gift box: The Perfect Gift: House Gift Box by Design Mom. The box template is free and easy to download and print onto cardstock paper. One cut, fold along the lines on the house and tape or glue flaps into place. (I didn't have my craft knife, so I didn't carve out the windows, though I love the look of them!)

I used a single hole punch on the top flaps of the roof in order to tie the boxes closed with extra yarn. I would recommend punching two holes and then tying a bow between them, as the bows did not look as sharp with my method, and the roofs wanted to open when the washcloths were packed away inside.

To finish the houses, I wrote the staff member names on the boxes (not shown). They were happily received. :)

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