Get Inspired: Handmade Knitted Gift Collection

Made for aunt. I love this adorable pig! This was my first toy, so assembly was initially challenge, but what a fun result. Some kind of illustration or photo would have been helpful to figure out how the body should go together. At first I was worried because the pattern looked like it would be way smaller than I expected, but it turned out wonderfully. Using what I could find at the local yarn store, I used a very lightweight, fuzzy pink yarn and doubled it. The nose, feet, and ears are some acrylic light pink that I had leftover at home. J loved this! A great gift for all ages - it’s just too cute. My favorite is the tail. :)

Made for friend. Pattern by Michele Wilcox. This was for Em's birthday. I wanted to make it bigger (extra huggable), so I used larger needles (US 11) and doubled my yarn (worsted). The bear knit up faster than I expected. The hardest part was placing the ears and eyes! I added a bow and embroidered Em's initials on one of the bear's feet.

Made for Dad. Winter Warmers by Anna Tillman in her book Knitted Socks for Dad. I loved the pattern in the book and enjoyed the cables. The pattern wasn't terribly difficult. The socks looked quite large (Adult Large) when they were completed, but they fit just fine.

Made for self. With a simple i-cord, I made two of these hour lanyards for J and I. They have come in very handy, thus far, and the multicolored yarn created a fun stripey look.

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