Art Pen Craft

More art pens for Grandma's birthday.

This time, the rolled designs are fabric patterns from Liberty London, a store at the top of the fashion fabric food chain. I included cards with the pattern provided on the website along with a name and short description of when the design first premiered and any alterations it experienced on the market.

I had a little trouble finding the right pens to use, this time. The brand I used before were not available at either of the stores I went to. My first buy was a great Pilot EasyTouch pen that writes great, has a long clear segment, and screws right off. However, while the clear space looked wide enough for a rolled picture, it was really very tight, so the designs would have been barely visible. I ended up buying a pack of Office Max gel pens. They write wonderfully and had a large enough space for the designs to open out. I'm not wild about the highly visible screw portion, but the clear space is just large enough to make the designs recognizable.

Another artist that my Grandma likes is William Morris, a designer and writer who produced masses of creativity during his lifetime. His artwork would be perfect for the art pens because it is pattern-like.

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