• Easy Garter Slippers Knitting Pattern

    Pattern a variation of DROPs Design Garter Slippers.

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    100g worsted weight yarn (slippers worked holding two strands - OR bulky)
    50g worsted weight, bottom color

    Sizes: (S sizes 5.5-7, M sizes 7.5-9, L sizes 9.5-13)

    Worked in garter, knit all rows.
    CO 26, 30, 34

    Slipper Side
    Row 1: Knit all
    Row 2: K(6, 7, 8), place marker, k all
    Row 3:  Knit to marker, turn
    Rows 4-6: K all
    Row 7: Knit to marker, turn
    Row 8: K all

    Row 9: BO (16, 18, 20) sts, k all = (10, 12, 14) sts
    Row 10: K all
    Row 11: Knit to marker, turn
    Row 12-14: K all
    Repeat rows 11-14 one more time. At the end of row 14, CO (16, 18, 20) sts = (26, 30, 34) sts.

    Row 19: Knit to marker, turn
    Row 20-22: K all
    Repeat rows 19-22 one more time.
    Row 27: K all
    Row 28: BO all sts

    Sew the side ends together to close the heel.

    Pick up 7 stitches at the end of the toe and join bottom yarn color. Stitches should be clear to pick up at the knit ridges.
    Rows 1-3: Knit all
    Rows 4-9: Pick up first stitch of every row from now on from the side of the slipper. K2tog with the picked up stitch and end stitch. Knit to end.
    **When picking up stitches on sides, make sure to keep the sides as even as possible.

    Row 10: K3, inc1 (knit front and back), k3 - 8 sts
    Row 11 (and future odd rows): K all
    Row 12: K3, inc1 (knit front and back), k4 = 9 sts
    Row 14:  K4, inc1 (knit front and back), k4 = 10 sts
    Row 16: K4, inc1 (knit front and back), k5 = 11 sts
    Row 18: K5, inc1 (knit front and back), k5 = 12sts
    Knit all rows until bottom is 1.5" away from the heel.

    Row 1: K3, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k3
    Row 2 (and future even rows): K all
    Row 3: k2, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k2
    Row 5: k3, k2tog, k3
    Row 7: BO all sts

    Enjoy - Please leave any questions or comments below if you have any success or problems! :)
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    1. question for you:
      what size needles/what's the recommended gauge?

      1. Since this is a variation of the DROPs pattern, I used their gauge:
        US 10 - or size needed for 13 sts x 26 rows in garter = 10 x 10 cm / 4'' x 4''.

    2. Hello

      I'm reading from the UK and am unsure what the instruction 'turn' means.
      Can you explain?

      Thank you

      1. No problem! "Turn" means that you actually turn your work around as if you completed knitting the row, even if there are still stitches remaining, then begin the next row.

    3. Hello Sarah

      Thank you for the explanation!