Retro Knit T-Shirt

 Crazy fabric! I'd had this in my drawer for ages and finally pulled it out to get a look. With lots and lots of the material left, I figured hey, why not? As I did for the blue tank top, I used a favorite t-shirt to cut around for the pattern. Of course, I had to cut as if there were no sleeves attached. I winged the neckline (great sewer move ah).

The sleeves were the hard part. Well, in my brain it was fairly straightforward, but it may sound confusing when I explain. From looking at the t-shirt I was using, I basically imagined the sleeve without all seems so that I could picture what the piece would look like flat. Then I cut two such pieces out, roughly, roouggghlyyy gauging  the size and shape based on that, adding the extra space for seams. Really, fate shouldn't have allowed to me to so successful, as the perfect fit was luck.

I sewed the front and back with hems and seams, leaving the sleeve openings untouched. Then I sewed the seam on the sleeves and finally attached them to the rest of the shirt.

Overall, it fits well and looks fun. When I first tried it on, I didn't have my glasses on thought the diamonds at the waist were teeth. Maybe someone else will have the same experience when they see me at a distance. ;)

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