Homemade Thanksgiving Napkin Rings and Crafts


 Happy belated Thanksgiving! We hosted Thanksgiving at home this year, and Mom and I had some fun adding some fall fun to the house. Our centerpiece was nice a simple: a bowl of apples with pine. They smelled really good!

I made a set of ten napkin rings - orange, yellow, and brownish - with three different shapes of leaves, inspired by Merriment Design. We used ribbon instead of the crisscross because they were too short around and I was running out of felt. It worked out well!

Below are some pictures of what we did. Of course, the food was the primary attraction, but the extra details were fun!

 Flowers from the garden and pines from outside.

From the farm where we get our weekly veggies.

 Leaf napkin ring.

More flowers from the garden. They were fresh, so the dried flowers stayed on perfectly.

I collected some sticks, trimmed then to about the same height, and tried multiple times to put them around the candle. I ended up using masking tape at the very top to keep them together, then I used hemp to secure them in two places. Finally, I removed the tape. I didn't have great ribbon, so I used lace for a bow, but Mom found this one and added the pine. :)

For more Thanksgiving inspiration, check out these books:
Thanksgiving Crafts by Jean Eick
Thanksgiving Crafts by Amy Bailey Muehlenhardt, Nadine Takvorian
Paper Crafts for Thanksgiving by Randel McGee
All New Crafts for Thanksgiving by Kath Ross, Sharon Lane Holm
Thanksgiving by Michael McLaughlin, Chuck Williams, Noel Barnhurst

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  1. Nice ideas. I especially like how you used what you could find outdoors.