Crochet Scrubbies

At last! My first crochet pattern ever!! I don't know why crochet was so confusing to me before - it's easier than I thought. These are Simple Sweet Yarn's Nubbie Scrubbies. They are 100% cotton (Sugar n' Cream, of course!). They're intended to be dishcloths - the bumpy texture predicts that they will be good for scrubbing - but Mom thought they would also be great hot pads.

This is a great take-along pattern, too. The Sugar n' Cream yarn is small and the pattern is easy. AND I get to carry a hook instead of two long needles.

I've started Lucy of Attic24's Neat Ripple Pattern for a throw with a collection of soft acrylic yarns I've wanted to use up. Her tutorial is wonderful for a beginning crocheter with helpful photos and reviews of how to do certain stitches.

At school, someone in the knitting club said that they preferred knitting to crochet because you can make so much more with knitting. As I'm beginning to look at crochet patterns to potentially try, I am certainly finding fewer patterns I jump out at, but there is still great diversity. Some future patterns I am looking into are Pierrot's Camisole, Coats and Clark's Table Lace Placemat, Bendy Carter's Lacy Accent Doily (love, love, love!), and Louneete Fourie & Anita Rossouw's African Flower Hexagon Pillow.

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