Refashioning Clothes: DIY T-shirt Weaving

I've recently been interested in the refashioning ideas I find on Pinterest for clothing. As someone with an excess of clothing, I know I certainly don't need any more. Therefore, I have been hunting for ideas that will allow me to refashion the items that I do not wear often or at all. In this case, I used a knit shirt I've had for several years and hardly ever wear. The original sleeve fell a half inch above my elbow and was a bit awkward. That and the shirt style made it necessary to always wear a shirt under it. Layering is great, but I wasn't crazy about the kind of layering that called for a longer sleeve under a shorter sleeve.

To make the shirt more me-wear friendly, I cut straight down the center and hemmed it, plain and simple. I might add a button or several at some point, but for now it works great as it is. The sides don't try to fly away behind my arms, or anything.

Headbandit has a great tutorial for DIY t-shirt weaving. I followed her picture instructions for the sleeves. The process is very easy, completed by cutting strips in the sleeve and then weaving them as she shows. To make sure the slits were at the top of the sleeve, I put the shirt on a hanger and pinched in flat at the shoulder seam. I made my cuts less wide as I went up. Headbandit didn't specify how to finish the weaving, so I sewed the ends to the shoulder seam. Since this isn't a boatneck shirt like hers, I stopped at the shoulder. The weave made the longer sleeve into a short sleeve (yesss!). Much more interesting than a cut and hem sleeve.

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