Knit Fairy

Part-Time Angel by Frankie Brown.

My roomie is a fairy-lover, so I hunted for a pattern to make one. I didn't find a fairy, but I did find an angel! Ravelry knitters shared a number of fun renditions, always with great color choices.

I made this fairy a bit bigger, using US 5 and 7 needles. She is 7” tall. I recommend using US 5 or 6 needles for the dress instead of two sizes up. The dress was quite large on her, and I rolled up the bottom of the skirt once to show her feet. There was a significant gap under her arm; I filled the gap by crocheting three rows.
If I did this pattern again, I'd be interested to try making the sections in the round. Knitting on two needles was pretty quick, but it might have been nice to have fewer seams. 

Overall a fun pattern!

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  1. What a great idea. How did u do the hair?

    1. The instructions are included in the pattern. You tie segments of yarn onto her scalp and use a needle to pull the yarn apart. Other people have used doll hair and yarn withput pulling it apart. :)