Scarf Waves, Old Shale Pink Handknit Scarf

 Tienne's Old Shale Scarf. She has a lovely blog - definitely check it out!

I have a big crush on this one. Scarves tend to be a challenge for me because I get bored about halfway in, but I loved the yarn and I loved how it looked with this pattern. This is Araucania's hand dyed yarn, 70% merino wool/20% alpaca/10% silk, Aysen color 811. It was an absolute pleasure to work with.

The pattern itself was easy to memorize and went fairly quickly since there was only one "odd" row, and the rest was knit and purl. My attention strayed twice and I did something goofy while I wasn't looking, so I had to unwind to a safe area and go again. Not a pattern that will hide mistakes! Totally worth a rewind. :)

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