Crochet Fabric Bags

Following the same idea as my Crochet T-Shirt Yarn Bag, I made two more bags for Grandma's birthday to hold books and/or magazines. They'll need to lean on something, but it should look a bit more neat/interesting than the red Sendik's bags that she has everywhere. The first bag was made from fabric strips. I made the mistake of using a lighter fabric toward the bottom (the white, yellow, green fabric), so the bag wants to collapse there. In a perfect world, I would have used cotton for the whole bag. I considered adding an inner skeleton to the bag to make it sturdier, but I'll see what Grandma wants. It might be nice for them to be more flexible.

The second bag is crocheted t-shirt yarn. It is considerably sturdier than the fabric bag, though smaller. Overall, they both went well. I started the first bag was double crochet, hoping to make the project go faster, but it made the bag a lot less stable. So, I took the whole thing except the bottom apart and started out. Single crochet is way better! I used double crochet for my previous bag, but that really only worked out because it was t-shirt yarn. So, if you have t-shirts, I recommend those first (they're also flexible, which is way nicer to work with). But fabric worked great, too!

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