Crochet Wave Shawl

Gahhh!!!! This is my first big crochet endeavor with a pattern! Since there are so many acrylic yarns in my drawer, I wanted to make something fairly big and fairly quick. Once I got the hang of the stitches, I had no problem watching Korean shows and listening to audiobooks while working on this. Gotta love laid back projects!

The pattern is from Ravelry (of course): Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of Attic24. She has a plethora of wonderfully colored patterns. It's also great to see what other colors crafters use for her patterns. This is a particularly great project to whip out the bright colors. They look stunning in pictures by other crocheters.

This shawl/wrap was for my grandmother's birthday because she is frequently chilly year-round. The pattern is a great beginner crochet project. The pattern is intended to be used to make an afghan, but the width was also perfect for the shawl. Other Ravelrers made afghans as gifts and stash busters. I will definitely make this pattern again!

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