Granny Square Skirt

Despite my shaky crochet skills, I made a granny square skirt for my sister K this past Christmas. It was a great stash-busting project, and it helped me practice crocheting. The inspiration came from a runway picture K sent me a few years ago. Sometimes she'll send me some pictures of runway knits/crochet(s?) and will ask me how impossible they would be for me to make. Since then, granny squares have been a bit of a revived hit in the crafting and high fashion world (see below).

Since this was supposed to be a surprise, I estimated the measurements. I used acrylic blends and washed any scratchier yarns in hot water to soften them. I then made the many granny squares and had the outer color of each be black. One of the most challenging parts of the project was lining up all of the squares so that no colors would be too close to same or similar colors (but a fun puzzle nonetheless). When I had them all arranged, I stacked them up in order by row and sewed the squares together with the black yarn. I then picked up stitches along the top edge of the skirt and knit a ribbed waistband. It did not need elastic because of the general suction of the skirt and the yarn's ability to hold its shape.

As the veteran crochet readers will likely notice, my granny squares aren't perfect - working on that! We'll pretend it was on purpose to make them look like "Fuzzy Squares." (;

Haven't witnessed the granny square fashions? Here are some pictures you've gotta see!:
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