Sunflower Clutch Upgrade

If you haven't noticed already, The Fuzzy Square is sporting a modified look! After a few years of keeping the website pages and blog separate, I've united them again into one cleaner, cohesive site. Hopefully, this will make navigation all the better. The sidebar has also been clipped to "essentials." Have thoughts about the revised look? I'd love to hear from you!

The blog isn't the only thing at The Fuzzy Square undergoing some changes; several weeks ago, The Fuzzy Square's Sunflower Cable Clutch, also known at the Garden Party Clutch, also had a makeover.

Most recently, I was commissioned to make a Sunflower Cable Clutch. This is a larger version of the original, and it was a lot of fun to adapt the pattern.

Want to make your own? The pattern is available here.

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