Catching Up with The Fuzzy Square

Weeks since my last post, and you may be wondering, what gives? 

A few weeks ago, I moved from Wisconsin to Washington, DC. It has been an exciting time seeing the sites, meeting wonderful people, and working as a fellow at Polaris. I am not sure whether this move is for the long term (at least until December), but so far, I'm really enjoying it here.

One of my favorite places to go here is the Dupont Circle farmer's market on Sunday mornings (today! I'm going!). It is colorful, lively, fresh.

Thank you for all of the thoughtful emails and comments. My posts may be more sporadic at times with life changes, but I love keeping up with you all.

My current projects are TOP SECRET holiday gifts ;) but here are some new gems from my stash I am crushing on (and that happen to match these beautiful farmer's market flowers..!).

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