• Karen Scarf

    MEHETABEL's knitting lies loose in her hand;
    She watches the gold of a broken red brand
    That glitters and flashes,
    And falls into ashes:
    The flame that illumines her face
    From the cavernous, black fire-place
    Brings ever new wonders of color and shade
    To flicker about her, and shimmer and fade.
    Does any one guess
    Of this maid's loveliness,
    That the lonesome and smoky old room seems to bless?
     -- From "Mehetabel" (1869) by Lucy Larcom

    I love to show gratitude toward people through knitting. It still awes me to think that every single part of the yarn in the finished piece has met my fingers and has been formed into something beautiful, or cute, or silly, with them. I also think about the thoughts that went into projects, whether they are from concentration on the project itself or other wanderings. Knitting is such a personal process!

    The recipient of this particular gift became a good friend over the time that I worked with her, especially while she advised my progress on my honors thesis (which included works by Lucy Larcom. My favorite of her poems is quoted above). I like to imagine that this scarf captures some of our laughs, sadness, contemplation, and inquisitiveness.

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    1. Is there a pattern for this?

      1. Hi Trisha!

        The Karen scarf is the result of an experimental mashup of several stitch patterns. It has been a little while since I made the scarf, but if I can pull together the patterns I use, I will definitely post directions on this post.

        Thanks for checking! (:

        The Fuzzy Square