• T-shirt Basket Revisited

    I know, you're probably wondering when I'm going to run out of t-shirts, and thus t-shirt yarn, since these crochet t-shirt bag-baskets keep making appearances on the blog. This will likely be the last of its kind for awhile, but they're great fun to make! So simple. They also give me the illusion that I am a crocheter in addition to a knitter (har har).

    This particular bag first found "life" in a lumpier form -- I must have increased and decreased during my crochet ascent, because it had less resemblance to a bag or basket and more resemblance to... I'm not sure what. Lucky for it, I'm well-versed in constructing but also deconstructing mistake mutants (here's lookin' at you, Sally Melville jumper...) , and with a much-needed second chance, it took on a more appealing final form.

    The bag will soon be moving with me to the new apartment, where it will likely be stuffed with books or yarn or some combination of the two. With Christmas presents off to their new homes, apartment knits are the new focus. The Purl Soho blanket is still in progress -- I had some time to work on it last night, and I think the final end stripes are in sight.
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