Pastel T-shirt Basket

You may be wondering when I'm going to run out of t-shirts, and thus t-shirt yarn, since these crochet t-shirt bags/baskets keep showing up on the blog... This will likely be the last for a while, but they're obviously fun to make! They also give me the illusion that I am a crocheter in addition to a knitter (haaah).

This time around, I had to pull apart and restart since it started taking on a lumpy form (cute). I must have been doing some weird increases and decreases along the way. Good thing I've gotten good at accepting mistake mutants and deconstruction as part of the craft process from time-to-time (here's lookin' at you, Sally Melville jumper...) , and with a much-needed second chance, it came out nicely!

Want to make your own T-Shirt Yarn? Here is a great tutorial from FiberArtsy.

In other news, the Purl Soho blanket is still in progress. I had some time to work on it last night, and I think the final end stripes are in sight..!

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