Play Crafter's Truth or Dare with your friends!

My friend The Savi Squirrel Nest and I have started a game of crafter's Truth or Dare! If you have friends or family members who craft, give it a try, it's a lot of fun!

Playing has been a great way for us to reflect and share more about our crafting experiences, and to create fun projects outside of our own ideas and comfort zones.

Similar to a typical game of Truth or Dare, this is how it works:
Truth: ask a question that the crafter will answer! This can be a conversation starter, craft confessions, or a prompt for a blog post
Dare: challenge the crafter to create something
Here are some ideas to get started!


What was the first craft you made? What do you remember about it?
What motivates you to keep making your craft?
What is a craft that you made for someone else that meant a lot to you?
What is a gift you have received from another crafter that meant a lot to you?
What is something you have always wanted to make that intimidates you?
Where is your favorite place to work on your craft? To get supplies? To find inspiration?


Create something inspired by your favorite children's book.
Go to a museum. Create something inspired by a piece or exhibit that speaks to you.
Create something that incorporates another medium you're less familiar with.
Pick out some supplies that have been sitting unused for a long time. Create something with them.
Create something that looks good enough to eat.
Create a gift for your younger self, OR create a gift for your older self.

Additional benefits of playing Crafter's Truth or Dare:

Crafting motivation! Get inspired, and encourage your friends.
Think outside the box about what you make. 
Challenge your usual comfort zone.
Stay connected with other crafters.
Motivation to keep blogging/writing!

Savi and I trade prompts whenever one of us finishes one so that we can take things at our own paces. We haven't set deadlines, but you certainly could if it helps you reach your goals. You could also alternate turns like traditional Truth or Dare in order to have some breaks.

Give it a try and share how it goes!

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