Knit and Crochet for Your First Apartment

It's time for your first apartment and to fill the space with all that is uniquely you.

A great way to put "you" into your home is to pull out the patterns. While homemade pieces take more energy to create, the pay off is something that makes your space feel special and that can even be passed on for generations.

Whether you're getting ready or already moved, these are great, straightforward patterns that will add unique comfort and flair to your new home.

All of the patterns listed are free. For additional patterns to purchase, search Ravelry or Etsy.

(k) = knitting   (c) = crochet

Kitchen and Dining

© Robin Dykema 14 Points washcloth

Homemade cloths add pops of color and texture to your kitchen. Great for wiping surfaces and using for hot dishes.

(k) Dishcloths Knit 9" Comedy Series
(c) Petals to Picots' 4 Dishcloth Patterns
(k) 14 Points washcloth
(k) Farmhouse Dishtowels
(c) Spread the Dishcloth Joy
(k) Fruit Citrus Slice Dishcloth
(k) Kitchen Cloth in Mosaic Design
(k) French Stripe Dishcloth
(k) Colorful Half + Half Washcloths

© knitpicks Toasty Plus Pot Holder

Potholders are especially good for handling dishes from the oven, attractively protecting surfaces for serving, and also decorating counter tops and hanging on cupboard knobs. Even a hot pad propped against the kitchen backsplash or tucked to the side can add a little pop of color or detailing to your space.

(c) Pot holders with bubbles
(c) Hint of Spring Potholder
(k) folksy hot pads
(k) Summer Grazing Potholder
(c) Star Pot Holders
(k) Toasty Plus Pot Holder
(c) May Flowers Hot Pad & Coaster Set

© Red Heart Options Placemat

Use placemats for beautiful table settings, dining centerpieces, and warm serving dishes.

(k) Linen Stitch Placemat
(k) Fringed Plant Mat
(k) Sunshine Waffle Placemat & Coaster
(k) Blue Horizon
(c) Color Block Placemat
(c) Options Placemat and Coaster
(c) Picot Fan Placemat
(c) Spiderweb Place Mat

Cover the Floor

© purl soho Big Stitch Knit Rug

Handmade rugs are particularly good for bedrooms, bathrooms, entry shoe mats, nooks, and other spaces you want something soft or textured underfoot. A circle rug can also be used beneath large plants or holiday trees. Remember to place a nonslip mat underneath. (for smaller rugs, simple nonslip mats can often be found at dollar stores)

(c) Big Stitch Alpaca Rugs: round shape
(c) Circle Rug: round shape 


© Lunitink Bubble Up Towel

Pamper yourself and impress your guests with these bathroom additions.
(c) Loofah

© Colorful Christine Chunky Floor Basket

Create a storage basket to hold towels or extra toilet paper.

(c) Chunky Floor Basket
(c) Crochet storage baskets
(c) DROPS Quito

Decorate Walls & Doors

© Mama in a Stitch Crochet Mandala Hoops / Wall Hangings

Decorative pieces for doors and walls

(c) Chunky Yarn Wreath
(c) Ruffle Wreath
(c) Bohemian Wall Hanging
(k) Laomai Knit Tapestry
(c) Wall organizer door hanger
(k) (c) DIY Knit/Crochet Wall Hanging
(c) Woven Crochet Wall Hanging

© Knooking Doorstop

Add personality to a door with the adorable doorstop.

(k) Harold Fatmus: mouse
(k) Fabienne chicken
(k) Gnome 

For Shelves, Mantles, and Table Tops

© Hobbii Ribbon Bread Baskets

Add nesting bowls to your coffee table display or a side table. These are great for holding fun amenities like essential oils and lotions, practical items like keys, and decorative items like shells, polished stones, and seasonal decorative eggs. They also great for holding grab-and-go produce like apples and clementines.

(c) Bernat crochet nesting bowls
(c) Mini Basket
(c) Ribbon Bread Basket

© Berroco Montague

Use runners and accents to brighten up your tables.

(k) The Rainbow Scarf
(c) Hearts & flowers table runner
(c) Planned Pooling Argyle Table Runner
(c) Feeling of Spring CAL
(c) Starburst Table Runner
(c) Snowflake Table Runner
(k) Tambleta C
(k) Montague

© Sangmi Lee Knitted Miniature House

Create novelties that resonate with you or make you smile and add them to special areas in your space, such as bookshelves, side and coffee table displays, mantles, display shelves, and next to plants. Search Ravelry for many more patterns (e.g. TV and movie references, favorite animal, etc)

(k) Eierei: decorative eggs
(c) Spring Fairy House
(k) Knitted Miniature House
(k) Bluebird of Happiness
(c) Happy Little Pineapple
(k) Woodins
(k) Tiny Window Cat
(c) Amigurumi Apples
(c) Cactus & Succulents
(c) Potted Daisy
(k) Chameleon

Snuggling In

© Daisy Farm Crafts Crochet Ribbed Diamond Blanket

Wonderfully, there are many blanket and afghan patterns for knitting and crochet to choose from. These are a few that look particularly cozy for a new home.

Think creatively about where you can place your blankets to add color and coziness to your space. Drape or fold over a couch or chair, or at the end of your bed. Fold over a storage bench or chest. Hang on a blanket ladder or stack in a central and visible storage basket. There are so many ways to present and invite with blankets!

(k) Essential Stripes Blanket: three colors
(k) Happy Scrappy Blanket: great for leftover yarn
(k) Library Blanket: many colors
(c) Giant Granny Patches: many colors

© Lilla Bjorn's Crochet World Pastel Triangles Pillow

Pillows can add a lot of personality to a room with color, texture, size, shape, placement, and layering. Changing pillow placements and covers are also a great way to update your space with the seasons.

(c) Mosaic Cushion
(c) Easy Mud Cloth Pillow
(k) Winter Pillow
(k) Herringbone Pillow
(c) C2C Pastel Triangles Pillow
(c) Pill(ow) Popper
(c) Ruffle Rose Pillow
(k) Classic Textures Pillow
(k) Brighten Up Pillow Cover

© Woolen Tales My Favourite Home slippers

Keep a pair of cozy house slippers near the door when you get home or at your bedside when you wake up. You can even have extra pairs available for guests.

(k) My Favourite Home slippers
(c) Sunday Slippers: with added non-slip leather and button detail 

Other favorites you want to share? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Creating! 

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